RIO’s, PLC Panels & JB’s

RIO’s, PLC Panels & JB’s

Type Tested Assemblies

All panels meet international and
local standards: SANS IEC-60439-1 and are
designed according to customer


In accordance to IEC 61439-2

Tested Arc safety

In accordance to IEC 61641

Flexible Solutions

Innovative and modular design

Intelligent Design

Monotoring & Fast Diagnostics

Energy Efficiency

Acc to iec 60364-8-1

IEC 61439 Verifications & Testing

In order to comply to IEC 61439, all of our MCC’s undergo an internal factory acceptance test procedure to insure that the minimum criteria has been met thus providing evidence that the assembly is fit for purpose.

Remote I/O Stations

Remote I/O Stations is the solution to follow when you have the requirement to control and monitor instruments that are installed in the field. Through this solution, you not only save cables, but also money, time, and work/wiring effort. Our client’s RIO’s can be installed in a decentralized, non-hazardous or hazardous area while simultaneously controlling and monitoring their field instruments from the control room. Regardless of where their RIO’s will be installed we can provide all of our industries with stainless steel, mild steel or polycarbonate enclosures, ranging from IP42 to Ip66, choosing the most optimized protection level to meet the requirements of our client. 

PLC Panels

The well thought-out design of the switchboard allows it to be integrated perfectly into a modern room concept.
The cubicles, either single- or double fronted, can be installed with a common main busbar system (MBB system), or back-to-back with separate MBB systems.