Sivacon S8


Low Voltage Switchboard

AMS is an official licensed partner of Siemens for the design, manufacture, assembly, sale & marketing of Sivacon S4 & S8 Assemblies, Type Tested in accordance with IEC 61439-2.

Safe power distribution, Intelligent data and Process anagement

SIVACON S8 sets standards as a power distribution board or
Motor Control Center (MCC) for industrial applications or in
the infrastructure. The switchboard system for the simple
and consistent distribution of power allows a high level of
personnel and switchboard safety and, due to its optimal
design, offers a wide range of possible uses. Due to its
modular design, the switchboard can be optimally adapted
to every requirement when designing the complete system.


In accordance to IEC 61439-2

Tested Arc safety

In accordance to IEC 61641

Flexible Solutions

Innovative and modular design

Intelligent Design

Monotoring & Fast Diagnostics

Energy Efficiency

Acc to iec 60364-8-1

standard-compliant, design verified low-voltage switchboard

Requirement of the IEC 61439-2 standard.

In order to provide evidence that the switchboard is fit for
purpose, this standard requires two main forms of verification – design verifications and routine verifications. Design
verifications are tests carried out during the development
process and are the responsibility of the original manufacturer (developer). Routine verifications must be performed
by the manufacturer of the power switchgear and controlgear assembly on every manufactured switchboard prior to

Intelligent Switchboard

Thanks to the complete building information modeling data (BIM) of SIVACON S8, the entire lifecycle of the switchboard in an infrastructure is supported from the planning stage to operation and service. When visualized with SIMARIS control, all communicationcapable switching devices can be operated and monitored uniformly by means of the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard. In addition, the data can be integrated into higher-level automation or energy management systems. Cloud-based analysis systems such as MindSphere open up new opportunities of enhanced switchboard availability and high transparency
of power flows.Using the SIMARIS control visualisation application, all communication-capable switching devices of the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard can be operated and monitored uniformly. Status information and measured values of devices are displayed comprehensively and clearly. Detailed warnings and error messages enable simple and fast diagnostics of the cause of the fault. The data can be connected with higher level automation or energy management systems. This provides a high level of switchboard availability and transparency of the power flows.

Tested Safety

SIVACON S8 is a design verified low-voltage switchboard according to IEC 61439-2, with proven physical properties in operation and failure situations. Optimum personnel safety is furthermore ensured by the test passed under conditions of arcing in accordance with IEC/TR 61641. SIVACON S8 goes beyond the standard and offers safety at a high level, for instance with its active protection system against internal arcing. The efficient and redundant ventilation system also supports safe and reliable operation. SIVACON S8  has also passed the more severe test according to AS/NZS 3439.1 (Australian / New Zealand standard). Moreover, passive and reactive protective measures limit the effects of an internal arc. They include: arc-resistant hinge and locking systems, safe operation of withdrawable units or circuit breakers behind a closed door, and protective measures on ventilation openings at the front, as well as arc barriers.

Safety with functionality

The frame and all of the bearing components of the cubicle are made from stable, screw-fastened sheet steel profiles. Circumferential rows of holes allow for individual expansion. The patented door locking system with universal door hinge allows for the hinge side to be changed with ease. The doors are available with either simple or central locking (door locks or rotary handle systems). The roof plates feature pressure relief for additional safety. Cubicle-to-cubicle separation is provided as standard. The surfaces of frame components, rear walls, and floor plates are sendzimir-galvanised. Doors, side walls, and covers are powder-coated or painted.

Systematic flexibility

The well thought-out design of the switchboard allows it to be integrated perfectly into a modern room concept.
The cubicles, either single- or double fronted, can be installed with a common main busbar system (MBB system), or back-to-back with separate MBB systems.

Universal Mounting Design

If there is little space available, the universal mounting design
offers a safe, flexible, and cost-efficient solution. It allows to
combine different mounting designs – withdrawable, fixedmounted with compartment doors, plug-in – in one cubicle.
As a version in withdrawable design, it is the ideal solution for
Motor Control Centers in industrial plants, where a high availability of feeders and quick adjustments of the power supply
system are required.

A few of our satisfied Sivacon S8 clients

The SIVACON S8 switchboard offers a perfect combination of a cost-efficient structure and high quality. The target is clear: a perfect equipment for all of your demands – versatile, safe, user-friendly, and easy to operate. The intelligent design of SIVACON S8 is our answer to these requirements.

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